generators & Battery packs

We at Sydney Hire have been generator specialists for over 12 years. Please ask us about which unit will meet your power requirements.

Daily Hire

Ryobi 1100W This little generator is relatively silent and will power any of our Speaker systems or projectors, making it an economical outdoor solution. It weighs about 22kg and will keep going for about 4 hours before needing refuelling.

ryobi 1100W generator

$ 99

Ryobi 1000W A whisper quiet generator which makes it suitable for movie sets or anywhere where noise could be a problem. It has a sine wave inverter circuit ensuring that you can power even the sensitive electronic equipment.

silent generator


Petrol 2500W This unit is capable of 10 Amp output at 240V. This is sufficient power to operate most electric power tools or lighting. It weighs 40kg when fully fuelled and will last for up to 6 hours on a single tank of petrol.

2500W petrol generator


Battery and Inverter Pack The perfect alternative to petrol powered generators. The power rating is 600W/hour. This is sufficient for powering a typical PA system for about 3 hours and of course it is perfectly silent.

Inverter battery pack

$ 99

You can either pick up from us or we can quote on delivery. Remember that the larger generators are heavy and will require two people for safe handling.